Tesla quote

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

Tesla Quote

What do you guys think about this quote. I think its a very interesting idea to ponder.

Actually, I don’t think there is a central core other than all of the rules which govern existence and life itself.

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One thought on “Tesla quote

  1. We thank you for posting this quote.

    Here at NAME, we have several theories that pertain to your quote, but who says which will be correct?

    (Not being negative)

    We only mean, that everyone has a different experience with how they “see”, “view” and “understand” existence. Mr. Tesla thinks that “there is a core” where were obtain knowledge, understanding, and inspiration.

    On a mutual agreement, it seems this is applied to the sun star that governs our existence inside of this universe. To understand, grasp meaning, and create something worthwhile with your new inspiration.

    Mr. Tesla, an awesome icon for Earthlings worldwide.

    Thanks again for this posting.

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